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Has your car been written off in a collision or become too expensive to repair after an MOT failure? Get a guaranteed £50 - or more - with McGills Car & Commercial.


Our scrap yard in Holywell takes cars and vans of all makes and models, with professional vehicle breakers on hand to salvage car parts for resale at superb low prices.

Vehicle Dismantling

Vehicle breaking and car salvage

Scrap yard in Holywell

Free collection across Flintshire

Cars and vans collected

Brakes, engines, tyres and more

Spare parts available

ELV approved car disposal

Licensed vehicle breakers

Minimum £50 for your vehicle

Top prices paid for scrap cars

A scrap merchant you can rely on

Prompt and professional

Based in Holywell, Flintshire

Covering North Wales

Call McGills Car & Commercial

Arrange vehicle collection

Spare parts for any make and model at McGills Car & Commercial >> cars going for the crusher wrecked vehicles piled up a car engine bales of scrap metal and grabber white, yellow, red and blue scrap cars atop one another a pile of scrap metal A stack of crushed cars rows of scrap cars, many of them red